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Hay all you bloggers it’s me girl on the move well here is a big shocker my mom got her heartbroken again were starting of on a new adventure that’s my moms words for running away by some miracle my mom only got one speeding ticket the hole way the police office should write her a ticket for reckless flirting. I will say one thing though for those of you that have not done it yet put visit New York on one of your things to do before you die.
The sad thing about unpacking is that i am getting good at it if all else fails i have a promising future as a professional mover i now our new apartment has history and it has very good wild life my mom calls it home.... i call it the witness relocation program its getting late and i am so tied to its time to hit the sheets even though i have no idea which box there in. keep reading my online diary of days in the life of the teenage girl ill be here the same me lots of love
Girl on the move oxoxox

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girl on the move


[b] all my life my mom has been trying to find love and everytime she does she gets heartbroken its always the same then after that with in a week we have move to a hole new place in england i cant stand it anymore its driving me mad. just for once i want to stay in one place the problem with my mom is that after my dad was cought cheating my mom wnet berlistic, then she moved to everytime she finds a guy then that guy dumps her we move again a new house, a new school, new friends, and a new place to have to cope up with. well we have just settled in and here is the first part were i move to new york

i have always moved round a lot but when it comes to the school dances i always miss every single one, so you just let yourself get atached to place what you are at. so as i was putting away my prom dress i got thinking its been like a hole 5 mouthes and mom would have moved by now so i thought i was going to finally settle in when, there was a knock at the door. i ran down stairs and sat at the staircase my mom opend the door and there stood her boyfriend, as my mom was smiling and laughing she also had mad him a cake i then when her boyfriend looked at her and said elaine we need to talk. i knew what was coming they were going to break up as my mom kept saying what and why and her boyfriend just kept saying her name elaine, elaine, elaine. then as i looked at my mom she said the same thing what she said to all her boyfriends when they broke up with her she said dont you jean me why are you going out with that tart then her boyfriend would say she means nothing to me. then as her boyfriend said they my mom went they, they i couldent believe it he had done it with severl women together, then as he went on the bright side its only your sister my mom went in shock and so was i. my mom swung back the cake she was making for my birthday and shoved it in his face then my mom just went have a nice day as her (ex) boyfriend walked out i knew what was going to happen next. as my mom sat next to me i said were are we going this time then she said theres a nice spot in new york i meen its time that we got new adventures besides you always loved new york, tears rold down my face as mom walked away i ran up stairs and cried my eyes out

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